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Linda Hay, Makeup Expert

Linda Hay is one of the most valued makeup artists in fashion today, not only for her down-to-earth personality and deep commitment to her craft, but for her uncanny ability to highlight what is unique and different about every face she touches. After dropping out of a Visual Arts course at East Sydney Tech, she had thoughts of doing photography, which she pursued briefly in Sydney before changing track to makeup artistry. After reaching the top of her field there, she moved to New York to further her career and find new challenges. She is now in high-demand from photographers like Peter Lindberg, Arthur Elgort, and Walter Chin, and has done campaigns for L'Oreal, Oil of Olay, Victoria's Secret, Tommy Hilfiger, Neutrogena, and Ann Taylor.

How would you describe your personal style?

I think my personal style could be described as a little eclectic. I grew up in the 70s and 80s—two highly definitive, but opposing decades of style. While I embrace all that's new, there's always a note of my formative years that creep in to my daily uniform.

What is the single most important tip in applying makeup?
The most important makeup application tip is "less is more"—unless it's mascara, then, more is more.

Are there any products that you can’t live without?
I can't live without In An Instant Firming Serum. It gives you a beautiful dewy glow while nourishing your skin.

What is your greatest challenge in your line of work?
The greatest challenge for me is to use my small window of time to finish my client to perfection, so she's ready to face the camera. Almost ready, or kind of ready is not an option—she has to be perfect.

Who else’s work in your industry do you admire?
My makeup heroes are Stephane Marais and Tom Pecheux. I've been an avid follower and inspired by their work for years.

Describe an ideal client?
An ideal client for me is someone with a strong work ethic. I'm very fortunate to work with a great group of no-nonsense, smart, hard-working women.

What is your ultimate career dream?
I'm blissfully happy exactly where I am right now. The only draw back associated with my job in general is I have to be present. So a clone would be nice or a product that could generate income without my presence, so I could have more time with my children.

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