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Andrea Orbeck, Fitness Expert

Andrea Orbeck
For the past 15 years, certified fitness and nutritional consultant Andrea Orbeck has motivated and trained thousands of people in the U.S., Canada, and abroad. A former member of the Canadian Women's National Bobsled team, she studied her post-secondary education in Kinesiology at the University of Calgary, and has been featured in Elle, SELF, Fitness, US Weekly, First for Women, Allure, and The Los Angeles Times. Andrea holds certification in Intracellular Physiology, Postural Assessment, Myofascial Release Therapy and is recognized as a Pregnancy Fitness Specialist with the AFPA and the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

How would you describe your personal style?

I think that due to my lifestyle, my style is chic, athletic, comfy and on the go! A gal can't beat the ease and versatility of tights and a tank top. Many times I have left the studio for a lunch meeting and pulled boots over my leggings with a sweater and a blazer only to shed them off a few hours later to slip back into running shoes without missing a beat.

How do you stay on top of fitness industry trends?
I read all the magazines and periodicals that contain fitness finds and the nerdy medical research as well. My clients joke that I am a lab coat with a bikini underneath. Some of the trends are honestly old hat under a new glossy name, but some data actually has credible merit. The key is to consider the source of the information and experiment with the results in your own fitness program.

What is it like working with Heidi?
Simply a dream. She is real and personable and has the highest work ethic that I have ever worked with. Among those traits, she is a great friend, and a spectacular wife and mother. Her focus, commitment and balance are obviously the key to all her successes. She is the sexiest machine I know and every single session I have done with her has left me laughing and inspired.

Can you share your most memorable experience with Heidi?
Among the many, my highest was seeing her walk down the runway after giving birth in 2009. Everyone thought that she was going to be the host and when she entered the runway with the sexy purple corset and tulle, everyone screamed. I was so proud of how she balanced it all and never looked more radiant and beautiful. I was never more proud of a client.

What is the single most important tip in fitness?
Consistency. If a person is too irregular in their nutrition and exercise program, there is never a chance for long-term weight control, cardiovascular health and disease prevention.

Are there any health rules that you think and everyone should live by?
Consume foods that are minimally processed, contain ingredients that you can pronounce, and care about yourself enough to make time to be strong and active on a very regular basis.

What is the greatest challenge in your line of work?
Convincing people to see what I see in them. Most clients will hire a trainer to keep the accountability and hire them to “purchase and outcome.” Sadly, some fail to see that it is them alone that has what it takes to show up for the work, dedication and will.

Who else’s work in your industry do you admire?
Ashley Borden, Mark Verstegen, Harley Pasternak, Tara Stiles and Tara Guber.

What surprises you most about your industry?
It’s constant evolution, and how to find ways to support and motivate others. I am in awe sometimes at how our job requirement becomes a friend, a coach, a counselor and a confidant. It really is a special bond where we don’t just train people, we teach them to prevail. I am also amazed by technology in our industry. We can reach people anywhere in the world and maintain a program.

What is your ultimate career dream?
Not to sound trite, but my ultimate career dream is to use the platform of my exposure to reach people who are unaware, unmotivated and unhealthy, and to change their minds about health and wellness.

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