summer run

Many people kick off summer by starting a running program to get in top shape for bikini season--good for you!

Running is a great activity for the mind, body and soul. Just make sure you're avoiding these five pitfalls when running, says fitness expert David Kirsch, to keep yourself healthy and injury-free.

The Top Five Mistakes Women Make While Running

1. Not wearing proper running sneakers.
This is based on your foot, your running experience and your objective for the run. If you are a more casual runner, you want to look for a shoe with more support since you will not be running as fast. If your goal is speed, you want something that is lighter weight. A proper running store will be able to test the way you run and recommend the right shoe for you.

2. Not wearing proper running clothes.
You want to wear something that wicks away moisture when you are running, especially in the summer heat. I like to wear UnderArmour or Lululemon. You don't want to be running in a t-shirt which gets hot, heavy and uncomfortable as you sweat.

3. Using a PDA when running.
You need to be mindful of what you are doing, focusing on your body and your breathing. You want to connect your mind to your body when exercising so you can get the most out of what you are doing.

4. Bad running form.
Proper running form relies on two things: core strength and posture. You need to lean forward slightly, not standing straight up which is a common mistake. Other things to consider is landing mid-foot so you evenly distribute your weight to protect your back and knees.

5. Not pushing yourself hard enough.
You need to connect your mind and body. Like every exercise, start slow to get your body warmed up then increase the intensity. Push yourself but also know your limits. You want to continue to challenge your body so you see the best results.