summer run playlist

Getting the motivation to go for a run can sometimes be a challenge. But having the right tunes to push you along can make all the difference! So we asked music expert Julia Trainor for her no-fail summer running playlist.

"This very playlist is on my iPod, because I know I will push play and it will get me going," says Trainor, who has been in the music business for over 20 years and was recently nominated for Best Film Trailer Music Supervisor for her work on 'The Avengers.'

And she's well versed on the best kind of music to get you pumped up. "I am also a runner, and I always want a motivating song to start me up," she says. "So I put the fun, inspiring Estelle song in there to rev up your inner she-woman. Then it's 40 minutes of uptempo music to get you into your jog."

Once you get started, the time will fly by. "You'll be thinking about the songs and the sun instead of your pedometer. And, of course, a couple cool-down songs to make you feel good about yourself while you do the all-import post stretch."