summer run

If you're already a seasoned runner, you know the drill: your body easily adjusts to your tough workout after just a few weeks, meaning your once-challenging runs are now getting a little too easy. In order to continue burning calories and changing your body, you've got to up the ante when it comes to the intensity and pace at which you are running. Health expert David Kirsch shows you how to amp up your run to torch more calories and challenge your body, by simply adding in a few extras to your routine.

  • Push yourself beyond your preconceived limits ... Drop and do 15 Push-Ups three times during a run.
  • Vary your speed and, if possible, try to add a cross-country element to it if there are any hills around. Incorporate sprints throughout your run to increase speed and stamina.
  • Make your run a little more challenging by running backward every once in a while. You may also turn to your side and cross right foot over left and left foot over right.
  • Variety is key to keeping your muscles and your mind engaged and to building strength and stamina. Swap your running workout for another form of cardio: Rowing Machine, Upper Body Ergometer, VersaClimber, Elliptical, Stairclimbing with weights, Boxing, Jump Roping, Swimming, Tennis, Basketball, Soccer, Spinning or Cycling.