Don't forget to nosh! You just spent your morning hitting the trails, but now what? Keep your metabolism humming and your energy levels soaring by consuming the right snacks after your workout, says health expert David Kirsch.

‪The following are great to consume post-run:
‪1. Green Tea has the catechins found in green tea can reduce muscle damage caused by exercise as well as speed up recovery.

‪2. Chocolate Milk has the ideal amount of carbs and protein that tired muscles need for recovery.

‪3. I personally like having one of my David Kirsch Wellness Protein Plus Shakes mixed with a banana, almond butter and some glutamine to feed my muscles, boost my glycogen stores and speed up muscle recovery.

‪4. Back in my marathon running days, I'd follow the run with an apple or raisins and a protein bar to refuel.

Post-run you want to be sure to properly stretch calves, hamstrings and quads.

‪Not refueling after running will mess up your metabolism and your post-workout recovery.