Looking good in photos can be a tricky thing to master, but there are a few secret tips that celebrities use to look their best. We asked photo expert Bonnie Edelman (who also happens to be an expertise in the field of parenting!) for her pro tips in looking your best behind the lens.

TIP #1: Practice "The Turtle"
"I tell people to "do the turtle," something Tyra Banks taught me back when we were shooting her for 'Sports Illustrated,'" says Bonnie. "Basically the move gets rid of a double chin, and smooths out the jaw line, which make s everyone appear thinner." To do, make sure to keep shoulders back and the crown of head up, as if a string were attached, chin out and then down, all in micro movements. "This is an easy move to practice in front of a mirror," she says.

TIP #2: Use Your Tongue
"Another way to hide a double chin is to put your tongue on the roof of your mouth while smiling," she says. "Supposedly Renee Zellwegger does this little trick."

TIP #3: Take the High Road
"Asking the person taking the photos to stand on something to get higher than you will also camouflage double chins, minimize under eye bags or circles and make legs look slimmer.

TIP #4: Keep Your Distance
One thing to always keep in mind--distance DOES matter! Whatever is closest to the camera will appear bigger.

TIP #5: Don't Get Your Undies in a Bundle
Smile and be natural instead of worrying about what the photo going to look like: if you stay calm and collected, you'll end up with a better photo and it will be more natural. Just keep your cool and have fun with it--modeling is HARD work!