how to get a beach glow After months of sweaters, boots and an overall lack of sun, we're ready to lighten the layers and sport some of the hottest spring fashions around town. But if your skin is feeling a little dull from winter, fear not. These tips will brighten winter skin, stat, so you can bring out those skirts and dresses once again. From gorgeous gams to a glowing face, you can get flawless skin well before summer begins.

1. Shed winter layers
No, we're not talking about clothing. We're talking about skin! First, it's time to exfoliate that dead skin off to reveal glowing skin, one of the most important steps! Use a salt or sugar body scrub in the shower several times and within a week, you'll see a huge difference. We like this brown sugar body polish from Fresh, or this sweet smelling scrub from the Laura Mercier collection.

2. Rehydrate
As soon as you step out of the shower (And before skin is fully dry), apply a hydrator to skin to help lock in moisture. One of the quickest ways to hydrate dehydrated skin is to apply lotion while skin is still damp, so lather up!

3. Oil up
Give your skin moisture (after all, dry skin does not glow!) and a dewy sheen by using a body oil. It'll give skin an instant glow while it works long term to increase skin elasticity and hold moisture into dry skin. Plus, it looks great on legs if you're throwing on a skirt!

4. Use a light self tanner
If you're feeling pale, try a gradual self tanner to give yourself a little bit of glow. Nothing drastic, since you may not have been in the sun for quite some time.

5. Try illuminating makeup
Shed the heavy winter foundation and swap it for a light, airy tinted moisturizer. This one, with an illuminating essence, makes you look like you just returned from an extended vacation! It makes skin glow, hides imperfections and is great alternative to thick makeup.