straw art

Now that warmer weather is upon us, it means children will soon be out of school and looking for activities! Keep them entertained with this craft, courtesy of Scrumdilly-Do.

It's a great project for ages 3 ½ and up, and rising temperatures means you can take the mess outside and set a table up right on the lawn for this project.

The craft involves blowing watercolor paint through a straw onto a blank canvas to create unique artwork for any occasion.


*Drinking straws
*2 or 3 colors of paint. Acrylic, tempera, food color or liquid watercolor will work
*Containers (the blogger used ice cream dishes from the local scoop shop!)


1. Set out your supplies in a mess free zone. Two or three colors of paint are best to avoid ending up with brown paint.

2. Pour some paint into your containers.

3. Dip straw into liquid watercolor (or watered down tempera) and place finger over the top to create a vacuum of sorts.

4. With finger over top of straw, bring over to paper and release.

5. Paint will blob onto paper and you can blow away to create your very own designs.
For more photos and directions, visit Scrumdilly-Do!