Fitness expert David Kirsch is known for whipping some of Hollywood's hottest bodies into top form, but when he's not training clients, he can usually be found at home with his two little girls, whipping up healthy dishes with them in the kitchen. Here, he shares some of his tips for cooking with kids.

What are your favorite dishes to make with your kids?
We love making turkey meatballs and turkey burgers, and we make healthy French toast in the morning. My girls also love fruit smoothies.

What are your tips for cooking with kids?
Plan ahead. I try to create a food calendar for each day of the week. Monday is turkey burgers. I usually make enough for dinner and for lunch the next day for me and my girls. Steamed fresh vegetables are my go-to side dishes, and at least one day a week I prepare wild fish like salmon, sole or halibut. Keep healthy snacks on hand, and avoid processed sugar at all costs!

Do you hide ingredients in the recipes?
No, I don't have to! If you get your kids in the kitchen with you at an early age and get them involved in what you're making, they'll become adventurous eaters on their own. My daughters love peas and spinach and they'll try anything.

What are a few things you have learned NOT do when cooking with kids?
My daughters hate onions, spicy foods and routine: change it up often to make mealtime fun!

Want to try a recipe with your kids? Here's David's recipe for French Toast Sticks.

David Kirsch's Healthy French Toast Sticks:

1 egg
1 TB 2% organic milk
sprinkles of cinnamon
drop of vanilla
Slice of gluten-free bread

1. Beat together, set aside.

2. Cut the slice of bread vertically in one-inch strips.

3. Soak the bread in the egg mixture until well coated.

4. Heat up skillet put tsp of olivo buttery canola spread in hot skillet.

5. Place bread strips in skillet cooking about 1 minute each side.
6. Top with maple yogurt syrup (mix 1 TB of plain 2% yogurt with 1 TB of maple syrup, stir and then serve).