Unusual Floral Containers

Make use of old "junk" you have lying around the house by repurposing it into nifty and unusual flower arrangements. Follow event planning expert Mindy Weiss' tips and tricks for adding some homemade creativity to your next get together.

Kitchen Canisters
Empty out old tin canisters and line them in plastic. Next, take Oasis (a floral foam that is used in many crafts) and soak them in water. Oasis floral foam is great for keeping your flowers in place, says Mindy. Carve the spongy material to fit your desired container and place it inside. Finish it off by placing an assortment of flowers inside!

Glass Bottles
For a delicate flower arrangement, try using old glassware like soda and perfume bottles. Start by cleaning out the bottles and simply place a few flowers inside.

Tip: Place glass containers of various sizes on a tray or on a mirror for a beautiful centerpiece.

Vintage Pitcher and Glassware Set
If you don't have a pitcher and glass set lying around, buy one at a local flea market. To get this vintage table setting, begin by soaking floral foam material in water, molding it to fit inside your cups. Once you finish placing flowers in the foam, use the mini floral arrangements as place settings.

Western Theme
Although this arrangement looks complicated, it will take you no time at all to complete. Get the cowboy boot floral arrangement by disguising a vase inside of an old boot and adding flowers. To create a cowboy hat arrangement, cut a hole in the top of the hat and place a vase underneath.

Girly Theme
Spruce up your daughter's next birthday party with this one-of-a-kind tea set. Use a little bit of floral foam to put inside assorted tea cups, sticking in a few colorful flowers.

Tip: Add galax leaves to your arrangement to add volume while working within your budget.

Fiesta Theme
Create a Fiesta-themed arrangement by gathering used cans and placing floral foam inside. Pick flowers that allow the decorated cans to pop. You can even add water to a shot glass, placing a single flower inside, for a nice touch.

Tip: Add levels to your flower arrangement with a box or crate for an extra bit of panache.