Travel Workout

Get the same workout you would in a gym but without the cost of leaving your own bedroom or hotel room! Follow Andrea and Heidi's tips to get out of your chair, and instead, use it as a piece of essential workout equipment.

First exercise: Andrea's first exercise is designed to sculpt and strengthen your upper body, especially your upper arms. Sit in a chair and face your palms down, making sure your fingers are evenly spread apart. Keep your back straight and slowly walk your feet away from you. Once your back is about an inch away from the chair, begin lowering your body down, putting your weight on your triceps. Increase difficulty by straightening out your legs, continuing to put pressure on your triceps when you dip. Start out by repeating this exercise 10 times, and eventually work your way to 20 continuous reps.

Second exercise: The next exercise aims to tone your lower body and is similar to booty ballet movements. Facing the back of a chair, stand in first position. Stand on the tips of your toes, and with a straight back contract your calves and slowly go into a deep squat. Lightly hold on to the chair for support, strengthening your inner thighs, outer thighs, and glutes. Aim for 20-25 repetitions. Get your heart rate up by jumping between sets. Once you feel comfortable with these effective workouts, try them when you travel and want a quick way to break a sweat.