DIY Thank You Notes

The traditional art of writing a thank you note seems to have gotten lost in today's world, but we're bringing it back!

Amidst the popularity of email, Facebook, instant messaging, and text messaging, what is the need to write a hand-written note? It's one of the best ways to show your appreciation for someone! Start teaching your children this courtesy at a young age by incorporating these fun ideas for creating personalized thank you cards into a craft project!

To get started, craft expert Shakuntala Zakheim recommends putting together a craft box full of fun supplies for creating cards that you can access in a snap. Include stamps, stampers, stickers, letters, paper cutters, paint and markers. Don't forget to buy colorful paper to use as the card.

Remember, making thank you notes doesn't have to be a tedious or expensive activity. Use the time as an excuse to be with your family and create a few cards, scanning and printing your creations after. Print as many copies as you want to save for the future, when you need a card in a pinch.