In a world filled with constant access to technology, the days of writing love letters, having pen pals, and even sending good old fashioned birthday cards are being replaced with emails, e-cards and Facebook posts. But there's something so classic and traditional about popping a card in the mail--it's just about embracing the art of it!

So we turned to founder Jessica Murnane, who shares her tips on sending a card with a "wow" factor.

"The other day I asked a client if they could send a few samples to me via the mail," says Jessica. "They offered to drive to my office and deliver the samples because they didn't have any stamps. It was a little shocking, but when I thought about it more it wasn't that surprising. These days most people's communication, bill paying and reading are all done via the internet."

But what we forget is just how special and what an impact a good old-fashioned letter can have.
We need to get back to sending a proper note to say "Thank You" or "Happy Birthday" or "So,
Nice To Meet You".

Here are some fun tips and facts to get you back into putting that pen to paper and for goodness sakes, buying stamps.

1. Letter writing is contagious! When you start sending notes...your mailbox will be happy too.
Recipients of your letters will no doubt want to spread the mail love.

2. Buy stationery that you are excited to use. Letter writing doesn't have to be boring.
Stop into a local stationery store and buy a few packs for different occasions. Just like shopping
for clothes - choose notes that reflect your personality and the season you are sending.

3. Create custom stamps. Upload your favorite art, vacation photo or a silly picture of yourself to make your correspondence more personal. And guess what? You can do it all online.

4. The most important "thank you" you can send is after a job interview. If an employer is deciding between two candidates ... the one who sends a note will usually get the job. We've heard this happen many times!

5. If you have a hard time starting a note...start with a compliment. "You looked so pretty the other night", "Thank you for being such a great friend", "It was wonderful learning more about your company".

6. Remember that you don't have to write a novella to make a note special. Short and sweet messages can be just as thoughtful as long ones. A simple "thinking about you today" can change someone's day.

7. Make letter writing a habit. When you receive a gift, write a "thank you" note the same day. Keep your stationery and stamps in your travel bag when traveling for a job interview. Procrastinating will only make your notes harder to write.