princess crown

This project from craft expert Shakuntala Zakheim is easily adaptable to work with your child's creative streak. Make a crown, wand, and jewels, then let your imagination fill in the fairytale!

1. To start, choose a color of construction paper for your crown, cut it to your desired shape and glue some sparkly gems on it. Consider drawing some details with a marker in a matching color.

2. Next, add some jewel stickers, and choose a feather to glue to the top!

3. Fasten pipe cleaners to the sides with tape or glue and adjust to fit the head.

magic wandWands

1. Choose a wonderful wand from a stick on the ground or an oversize straw.

2. Add some stickers and gems, paint it, or wrap it in fabric to give it some personality!

beadsNecklaces and Bracelets

1. Cut your material to desired length, with additional room to tie it secure.

2. String some beautiful beads on fishing wire, or glue gems and sequins to a piece of ribbon.

3. Tie in a bow, and pile on the jewelry!

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