Goodie Bag Ideas

A birthday party wouldn't be complete without a great goodie bag to send your guests home with. Here, party expert Mindy Weiss offers her tips on how to put together fun, take-home packages that will put a smile on any kid's face.

Great Tips for Kids' Goodie Bags

1. Make it gender friendly. Have a boy goodie bag and a girl goodie bag, or one that is unisex.

2. Be careful of food allergies. Don't buy any nut products or things that may have traces of nuts in them.

3. Be conscious of the ages of your guests. Young children could swallow small toys, and older kids may find certain items too childish.

3. Have extra goodie bags on hand, just in case -- extra kids may show up at the party.

4. Don't put anything in the bag that could melt.

5. Don't forget to give them out. Once I remembered after five kids had already left!