Summertime items for kids

Hi, everybody!

Last time we cleaned up the "Messy Kid," and this time we're helping the "Summer Kid" beat the heat. Kids require special attention when the temperatures soar and they want to spend as much time as possible playing and enjoying the great outdoors.

The "Summer Kid" Kit

Badger SunscreenSunblock
We all know the dangers of not protecting you and kids' delicate skin from the harsh summer sun. Sprays, lotions, wipes, sticks – just load up and reapply often, especially after swimming.

California Baby Bug RepellantBug Repellant
Nothing can ruin the fun of a summer day like an annoying, itchy mosquito bite. There are a variety of repellants on the market that are safe for children. I am a fan of California Baby natural bug repellant spray.

AfterBite KidsAfterBite Kids
This natural non-stinging cream is made from baking soda, aloe vera and tea tree oil. This cream provides soothing relief from the pain, itching and swelling of insect bites.

Ray-Ban Junior WayfarersSunglasses
Protect little ones' eyes from UV rays and let them look adorable at the same time.

Sling King Biodegradable Water BalloonsWater Balloons
Sometimes you just need to start a water balloon fight to beat the heat.