Clean-up items for messy kids

Hi, everybody!

Last time we conquered the "Bored Kid," and this time it's the dreaded "Messy Kid." Accidents happen, but it seems like especially messy accidents happen when a child is involved! I always try to have a few items in my bag to clean up the inevitable "oops!" moments.

The "Messy Kid" Kit

Wysi Wipe Biodegradable TowelsWysi Wipe Biodegradable Towels
The only thing that I don't love about these is that I did not invent them! They are amazing. They are biodegradable towels compressed into a capsule that is approximately the size of a quarter. Add a bit of water and poof! You have a durable and reusable towel that can clean up spills or a sticky kid. Best of all, a bag of 12 is only $1.99!

Purell Hand SanitizerPurell Hand Sanitizer
Whether in a perfect purse-sized bottle or as handy, pre-moistened wipes, you can kill 99.9 percent of germs that can cause illness on little hands.

Pampers diapersDiapers/Underwear
Whether your child is still in diapers or has already been potty trained, accidents can still happen. I always try to keep an extra pair of underpants or spare diapers on hand.

I Spill Things T-ShirtSpare T-Shirt/Onesie
Melting ice cream cones, bouts of car sickness, spilled juice, mud at the playground. Enough said!

Tide to GoTide-to-Go Pen
The list of messes above + ground-in grass + Tide To-Go Pen = Stains eradicated.