recycled foam castle

In this fun project, you get to give your creativity free reign to form a castle right out of your imagination! This low-budget project by craft expert Shakuntala Zakheim will be sure to spark the imagination of your little prince or princess. Follow these easy steps to make a cool castle today!

1. This craft utilized recycled Styrofoam, toothpicks, glue, glitter, paint, rhinestones and any other decorations you choose.

2. Begin by cutting out a Styrofoam base that your castle can be built upon.

3. Use the glue like cement and the toothpicks like nails to connect pieces of Styrofoam together as you build your castle taller.

4. When you're done building your towers, place triangle-shaped Styrofoam on top for a pointy roof.

5. Now it's time to give it some color! Paint the castle walls with tempera paint or spray paint. Decorate with glitter and sequins.

6. Next, make a jeweled pathway around the castle with the sparkly rhinestones. For the final touch, add tissue paper flags on top!

7. When you are finished, simply set your masterpiece aside and allow it to air dry until completely set. Display your masterpiece and create stories about the prince or princess who resides inside!

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