One of the most fun projects to do during Thanksgiving is to make a fall leaf stencil canvas. It keeps the kids occupied and is a fun way to celebrate the holidays.

Tempra paint
construction paper
kids scissors
fall leaves
paint cups
1. Find real leaves in a variety of shapes and sizes. Go for a walk and collect them or see what you can find in your back yard.
2. Trace the leaves and their stems onto the construction paper and cut out with scissors.
3. Next use your tempra paints to create as many colors of fall as you can think of. Mix different combinations of red, yellow and brown in paint cups to create warm fall colors like orange, red, maroon. Keep mixing and creating color experiments untill you have a beautiful variety of shades.
4. Next paint sections of color on your canvas until there is no more white visible.
5. Now its time to lay your leaves onto the canvas into a beautiful design.
6. Cover the entire canvas with black paint.
7. Using a toothpick, lift off the leaves to discover your colorful canvas!