creative clay project for kids
This beautiful project by craft expert Shakuntala Zakheim will give your creativity free rein to form a sculpture straight out of your imagination! This project is great for the kids because it is so expressive. Sometimes it's fun when there are no rules!

1. Begin by gathering materials. You'll need molding clay for the base, and the rest is really up to your imagination. Try pipe cleaners, recycled materials, straws, beads, jewels, shells, painted pasta -- anything goes!

2. Start your piece by holding the clay in your hands. You can roll the clay into a ball to start, or you can work from the existing piece of clay that you have already for a more abstract piece.

3. If you want to flatten your clay platform, make a fist and use it as a hammer to pound the clay into a pancake.

4. Next, you can sculpt, mold, kneed, pinch, push and pull your clay into the shape of your fancy. The possibilities are as endless as your imagination.

5. Now that you have the design and shape you created, it's time to give they sculpture your personal stamp. Use the fun beads, jewels, shells, and colored pasta to give eyes, make designs, and decorate the piece until you are satisfied. Pipe cleaners can be pushed into the clay, bent, curled, twirled around each other, or stood in the clay to create spikes. Let your imagination run wild.

6. When you are finished, simply set your masterpiece aside and allow it to air dry completely. Display proudly!

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