Heidi Klum on AOL - Spring Flowers

Arts and Crafts expert Shakuntala Zakheim is showing you how to create a fun spring craft with your children-flower pots!

It's a great project that lasts all year long-and you don't even have to water them!

To begin, cut green pipe cleaners at various lengths for your stems.

Then, give stems to kids and have them put silk flowers on the ends of the pipe cleaners. They can stack silk flower pedals on stems, then finish each with a bead, which will secure the flower on the stems.

Next, make leaves-cut tissue paper after folding in sections.

Then roll clay and put it into flower pots.

Decorate your pot with paint and glue rhinestones on pot.

Now that you're finished decorating, you can add the stems of flowers into the clay.

See all the steps to making spring flowers in the clip above. Happy crafting!