When your skin isn't perfect, you can still make it look like it is! There are several concealers on the market, and they all have different qualities that can take care of a wide array of problems. Sabrina Bedrani talks about the best concealers for all skin types, and lets you know which one is best for you.

Laura Mercier Secret CamouflageThe Problem: Acne
The Product: Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage
Why it Works: The Secret Camouflage comes in two tones, so it makes it easier to match with skin tones and provides excellent coverage.

Lancome Effacernes ConcealerThe Problem: Under-Eye Circles
The Product: Effacernes by Lancôme
Why it Works: Effacernes provides natural-looking coverage and is waterproof. It comes in a user-friendly tube, so you can control how much you apply and build up if needed.

The Problem: Even Darker Circles
The Product: Amazing Concealer
Why It Works: It offers great coverage without being too thick, but can be drying, so always apply moisturizer prior to application.

YSL Eclat Radiant TouchThe Problem: Finding a Product for Light Coverage
The Product: YSL Touche Éclat
Why it Works: It illuminates the under-eye nicely, and because it's so light it doesn't cause visible creases. This makes it work great on mature skin.

Cle de Peau ConcealerThe Problem: Melasma or Dark Spots
The Product: Cle de Peau Concealer
Why it Works: This concealer blends nicely with the rest of the skin without looking too cakey. It makes it ideal to cover only where needed.

Bobbi Brown ConcealerThe Problem: Finding Shades for Dark Skin
The Product: Bobbi Brown
Why it Works: This brand offers a great range of darker colors with a really nice, creamy consistency.

Dermablend ConcealerThe Reason: Body Coverage
The Product: Dermablend
Why It Works: Ideal for extra coverage, and all-over-body coverage. This works to cover tattoos, scars, burns and veins.


The Product: Astor Perfect Stay Concealer
Why It Works: This perfect blend goes on smooth and lasts the whole day, and the creamy texture makes the product blend nicely with all skin tones.