dark chocolate lollipops candice kumai

Chef and author Candice Kumai is sharing romantic gift ideas for Valentine's Day that you can make in your own kitchen! Check out her recipe for dark chocolate lollipops below. And don't miss her delicious chocolate peanut butter-crunch cups recipe--another Valentine's Day favorite!

Dark Chocolate Lollipops

2 1/2 cups pure dark chocolate, finely chopped (Kumai recommends the brand Pure Dark chocolate)
1 package wooden craft or lollipop sticks (6 in. sticks recommended)
Toppings: crushed walnuts or almonds, sea salt, chopped dried cranberries, candied orange peel, crushed peppermint, lavender sugar or chocolate covered cocoa nibs.

1. Use a double boiler (or create one by placing a heat-proof bowl over a medium saucepan of simmering water). Melt chopped dark chocolate, stirring slowly. Use a baking spatula to scrape melted chocolate into a large zipping plastic bag.

2. Line two or three baking sheets with parchment paper and arrange lollipop sticks on each.
Once chocolate has cooled in bag for approximately one minute, snip off one of the bag's bottom corners with scissors. Gently squeeze chocolate onto stick, starting at the center of the top of the stick and moving outward in concentric circles.

3. Lightly sprinkle or dust desired toppings on each lollipop.

4. Set baking sheets in refrigerator until completely cooled.