Worlds Away Faceted Round Tall Basket While I have many pet peeves, one of my biggest involves trashcans. Growing up, I had a tin oval trashcan with Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec's Troupe de Mille Eglantine screen printed onto it. I had no idea what it meant, or who "Mille Eglantine" was, but as least it looked nice in my 1970s bedroom of olive, orange and tan.

A designer can create a beautiful room or home but they need to think a bit about the way people will live in that space, not just how beautiful it looks for photographs. When I go to a client's home and see the décor marred by horrible, industrial trashcans or even grocery paper bags with handles, it drives me crazy! I am not saying that the problem is easily solved; I know it isn't. Most indoor garbage cans are too small and must be emptied religiously, or they are just plain too big and ugly.

If a wastebasket cannot be artfully hidden, then it should be treated as part of the room's décor. So, take the time to choose carefully! And don't forget -- if you have to line the waste bin, line it with a clear liner, never white!

Here are few wastebaskets that are nice enough to put on display.