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Interior Design Expert Michael Ostrow took on quite the challenge for us this week. He had to find ten unique and fun design elements for less than $10. This is no easy feat! But Michael was up to the task and searched high and low for some bright and brilliant products. Here are his top picks!

Tissue Paper FlowersTissue Paper Napkin Ring Flowers (Six for $9)
These fantastic tissue paper flowers come in many sizes and colors. They can be full rounds or half rounds, and the woman who crafts them will also tie ribbons on the mini ones to use as napkin rings. Find them here >>

Bottle Tags (Three for $9.95)
I am not fond of wine bags; they seem to be hiding the fact that you brought a cheap bottle of wine. I love these labels with ribbons because they are humorous and can be customized. You'll also get points from the recipient, who is sure to appreciate being reminded who the gift was from. Find them here >>

Clothes PinsPrinted Clothes Pins (Six for $4.25)
I am always making lists, which I keep in a steno pad. (I think I have a stack four feet high from running a business for 11 years!) I like these printed clothes pins; they're a good way to pin something that is a priority. Can't miss them! Find them here >>

iPad CaseiPad Case ($5.95)
I thought for this low of a price that this red leather iPad case with a built-in stand was pretty cool! Find it here >>

VasesExpandable Vases ($9)
These expandable vases are great, especially for the office. Who needs a big glass vase sitting empty and gathering dust? These are reusable and can be stored in a file folder. Find them here >>

Vistaprint Pocket Stamps Return Address Stamp ($3.74 small, $7.49 large)
This is the perfect housewarming gift for old friends with a new address. When you move, you have so much to think about and rearrange, and these return address stamps are a great way to help take a task off a friend's plate. Find them here >>

Corn ZipperCorn Zipper ($8.95)
Whenever we have corn on the cob at Heidi's house, one of the kids asks to have their corn kernels sliced off. I wind up using a knife to try to strip it all off, but it never works well. Here is a gadget I can't wait to use! Find it here >>

Luggage TagsLuggage ID ($9.95)
Isn't it amazing that in 100 years of flying they have still not come up with a better way to retrieve luggage? We all stand around the carousel waiting for our bags to tumble down and then we have to scramble to identify them. With a color choice and initial choice you can be sure the bag you grab is yours. Find them here >>

Paper LanternsPaper Lanterns (Starting at $1)
These paper lanterns are fantastic for a summer party. They start at $1 for the simplest ones, and a grouping like this looks great! Find them here >>

Art of Hand ShadowsThe Art of Hand Shadows ($5.95)
This is so basic and so creative, and forces kids to be inventive and use their imaginations. Find it here >>