When it comes to Valentine's Day, everyone has one flower in mind: Red roses! But when choosing Valentine's Day bouquets, a dozen long-stemmed roses isn't your only option.

Florist Mark Held of Mark's Garden is sharing his tips on choosing the right flowers. From finding the perfect arrangement for your loved one, to buying stems for your BFF, Mark shares his do's and don'ts for Valentine's Day flowers.

Mark's "Do's"

DO go for something fragrant. "Women really respond to fragrant flowers," says Mark. Not into roses? Try Gardenias or Turberose.

DO think about what to write in the card-a simple card is better than nothing. "You can get a lot of milage with the card by making it really personal," says Mark.

DO choose white roses of hydrangeas with lilacs if sending a non-romantic arrangement. "If you're sending flowers to your mom or a friend, this is a beautiful option," he says.

Mark's "Don'ts"

DON'T think you have to stick to a dozen long-stemmed roses. "Sometimes smaller is better," says Mark. Plus, long-stemmed don't have the staying power of other varieties. "Something in a lower container will last longer."

DON'T sent red roses too soon. If you're just starting off in a relationship, start off with pink roses for a less intense option.

DON'T be afraid to mix it up. A mixture of flowers can be really stunning, and many people tend to stick with basic red roses for this holiday. There are so many other options--so experiment and have fun with color!