When indulging in a few cocktails, there are a few rules of etiquette to remember, says wine expert Eric Leue. Follow these guidelines to have the best experience with your drink!

Things Not to Do When You're Drinking Cocktails

1. Don't annoy the barkeeper with things like "last time I had a Jack and Coke cocktail in this other bar it was much better" - a) Jack and Coke is a long drink, not a cocktail. b) your drink order will now take a lot longer!

2. Don't choose a cocktail because you like the glass it's served in.

3. Don't order straight of the menu, if you can't decide. Check with the bartender if she/he would like to create something for/with you (Barkeeping is a serious profession, these girls and guys learn over years how mix ingredients to create unique new experiences).

4. Don't have alcohol-free cocktails with raw egg white.

5. Don't think whisky, whiskey, scotch, rye, bourbon are all the same - they're not!

6. Don't have cocktails in the sun on an empty stomach, at least have a table spoon of oil before (that will stop the spirits from rushing to your head - a good trick for wine tastings too).

7. Don't ask for a special rum in your Margarita. Why? Because Daiquiris are made with rum, Margaritas with tequila.

8. If you prepare cocktails at home, never try to shake carbonated mixers or champagne - it will most likely backfire. Or at least don't wear a white shirt while doing it.