Candles for Home Decor Fall article

Since we spend more time indoors when the cool weather arrives, we want to warm up our houses and make them more cozy and inviting. Think of the adjectives we like to use for fall and winter-warm, comfy, cuddly, festive and toasty-that is the goal.

You should also consider moving your furniture around a bit. At Grace Home Furnishings, I call it "shop dusting". Something can sit in a space for six months and no one notices it, but when you move it to another side of the room, suddenly people see the piece in a different light and it looks new and exciting. It brings a whole new freshness to the room.

The important thing to remember is that you don't have to change your basic room décor. Just add a punch of bold or exotic color to brighten up the room. In the cooler months we tend to hoard and collect and in the spring and summer we clean and divest-so go ahead and add that extra pillow.