If you live by the mantra that health and prevention are #1 in your life, you may want to take a closer look at your lifestyle to access how healthy you are really being. Take this quiz to see how you tip on the scales of "health," courtesy of author and chef Candice Kumai. The answers may surprise you!

1) Lunch consists of:
A) Cobb salad, pre-packaged from the corner deli, with ranch, a diet soda and a bag of Baked Ruffles
B) Quinoa salad, made with a homemade oil-free vinaigrette, raw trail mix, with almonds, cranberries, cherries and walnuts and a Kleen Kanteen full of water. Yes, tap water.
C) A meatball sub sandwich from Subway, a pack of Doritos and a Snickers bar.

2) Friends come over for a gathering at your pad and you prepare:
A) Regular Caesar salad with croutons, cheese + Caesar dressing, some wraps from the local deli, chips and salsa. For a beverage you stock up on a plethora of sodas, juices for cocktails and light beer. Dessert? Cupcakes from the local grocer.
B) Caprese salad to start, fresh crudite with hummus, flatbread pizzas made with homemade marinara. For beverage, a selection of nice red wines and soda waters to make spritzers! Dessert is fresh fruit cobbler with Greek yogurt and candied walnuts.
C) Pizza, breadsticks, candy bowls, macaroni and cheese, chips and cheese dips galore. Beverage: Beer and margaritas like crazy.

3) A "snack" for you consists of:
A) 100 calorie packs of Oreos and Nutterbutter bites, maybe a pre-packaged protein bar.
B) A Fuji apple, a banana, or 0% Greek Yogurt with sliced peaches and almonds.
C) A Snickers bar. Because it satisfies, as they say.

4) Traveling on an airplane, you order:
A) A diet soda and the cheese platter.
B) You order soda water and are keen enough to pack your own salad + fruit + trail mix to snack on. You'd rather gag than eat the pre-packaged non-sense they serve.
C) A Coke and the Caesar salad wrap looks divine--a great choice.

5) Your idea of a healthy quick-fix is:
A) A Lean Cuisine meal (ooh alfredo!) nuked and served with a Slim Fast shake (chocolate, of course).
B) A bowl of oats with bananas, natural peanut butter and maybe some dark chocolate chips.
C) A hot dog and fries from the corner cart and a pint of Ben and Jerry's.

6) At the morning coffee shop, you order:
A) A skinny latte with three pumps of vanilla syrup and a couple biscotti.
B) A spiced chai latte with almond milk and a banana.
C) Large mocha frappaccino with extra whipped cream and a cinnamon roll.

MOSTLY A'S: Oyyyvayy for A's: Here's the tricky thing, you may think that you are the healthy kid in the bunch, but you have been fooled by marketing and advertising ploys. You should be aware of the pre-packaged chemical processed foods that are in your pantry and in your grocery cart. Just because it's labeled as "light, low-fat, healthy choice, sensible solution, sugar-free," it does NOT equate to optimal health. So please stick to the real stuff, like whole foods, fruits, veggies and lean proteins!

MOSTLY B'S: Good girl. You pride yourself on making disciplined food choices. You love buying fresh, in-season produce. You are aware that artificial sweeteners are chemicals and are clearly not good for you. You aren't falling into any marketing ploys or traps and you believe that homemade is best. Straight from the chef or the kitchen, that's the way that Mom, Nature and Granny all intended for us to eat!

MOSTLY C'S: C is for Careful! You can probably kiss your skinny jeans goodbye with this lifestyle. It's not any better than what you learned in nutrition class--oh wait, nutrition isn't offered in academics--then take it upon yourself to learn and make healthier choices. The change is up to you my friend. Start acquiring more knowledge in the food space and learn about what nurturing your body with real, whole, nutritious foods can do for you. You'll be amazed at how you will feel from making a few simple swaps in your diet.