It's a technology-driven world out there, and although that may create its fair share of problems, it also has its perks! Case in point: All of the amazing apps that we can download on our smartphones.

We polled all of our site experts for their favorites. Here are the apps they can't live without:
Bonnie Edelman, Parenting Expert

Hipstamatic- it's has amazing old-fashioned photo-taking ability wih different types of "film" and "lenses". Hand's down my favorite if I could only have one app!

SoundHound- I am known among my friends as being an amateur DJ and Soundhound has helped me find some obscure and very cool tunes to spin.

Genius for photo developing and filters- love! I can't get in the darkroom anymore, but this app is the next best thing to get those creative juices out of my system. Instant gratification! I've even been compiling a group of photos I've taken with my phone for a future body of work and gallery show.

Instagram- I still get inspired by other people's work and images from around the world whenever I'm on it. It's really incredible how you can make "friends" with people you only know from their photos. Some are just "slice of life" photographers who take pics of their children or dog, but I feel like I know them to some degree. There's a mutual respect and admiration that's exchanged that leaves me feeling super good about the world. Good mojo!

David Kirsch, Fitness Expert

ESPN sports channel to stay on top of my sports teams.
Camera Pro to take beautiful pictures of my girls.

Shakuntala Zakheim, Craft Expert

My favorite app it the gratitude journal. It's nice to be reminded to appreciate all we do have. Artists are masters of looking at life half full rather than half empty.

Sabrina Bedrani, Beauty Expert

Words with Friends--I have a LOT of favorite apps, but this is the one I probably use the most. I'm on it all the time!

I also LOVE Pandora, and Hipstamatic.

Linda Rothschild, Organization Expert

Springpad is a great app for productivity. It helps you organize your life!

Good Reader to read anything at anytime, anywhere.

Mindy Weiss, Event Planning Expert

Find my Friends...then I always know where my kids are!

On the favorite is the ebay app.. I love to find vintage items where ever I am in the world!