Heidi Klum in Germany

Hi, everybody!

My team and I have seen the world together and done some really amazing things but, it's not always as glamorous as you might think. There are times when it seems like everything that can go wrong, does. But often times, that's when the best memories are made.

This past winter, we were on a trip that had us running barefoot through two feet of snow with luggage in tow, jumping a subway turnstile, standing in the middle of a train station for two and a half hours and then getting stranded by our train in the middle of the Czech Republic. And if that wasn't exciting enough, it was followed by a 24-hour shoot day. Let me tell you how unglamorous it is to be up for 24 hours on five hours of sleep! But, we had no choice! The show must go on, right?

I could go on and on with all of the crazy things that happened on that trip. Despite all the obstacles we had to face, we were able to make the best of the trip. My advice -- travel with people that know how to have a laugh!