Event planning expert Mindy Weiss loves to find unique hostess gifts for the holiday season, and she's sharing her top five favorite hostess gifts--plus a few tips to keep in mind when going to pick it out.

A few things to remember when purchasing a hostess gift for the holidays:

Don't Stress
A hostess gift for the holidays should be fun and festive!

Keep it Simple
The gift doesn't have to be elaborate, just a small token of appreciation for being invited into someone's home or party.

Get in the Kitchen
Homemade bake goods (delicious holiday cookies, cupcakes, holiday jams, or traditional fruit bread) make wonderful gifts. Find a great basket or vintage holiday tin to wrap your homemade gift and voila-a gift from the heart.

Here are a few of my favorite gifts to give a host or hostess when I arrive at a holiday party. They are easy ideas to put together and have an impressive effect on the recipient.

1. Miniature candy shop. All you have to do is take four small glass jars and fill each jar with a different candy.

I suggest using one color theme--for Christmas use red, green and white (mini candy canes, green jelly beans, white chocolate gummy bears and sweetish fish).

2. A nice bottle of wine. An extra touch ...wrap it in a lovely piece of holiday fabric.

3. A fun grouping of holiday straws, drink stirrers and coasters.

4. A holiday stocking filled with goodies, bottle of apple cider, large candy cane, fun goodies.

5. Holiday candle (pine scent or cinnamon is my favorite for the holidays) with a cute box of matches.