paint chip easter egg garland

We found this adorable Easter craft from All You, and we can't wait to make it. It's the perfect decoration for a mantle, and all you need are a few paint chip samples from a local home store. Here's how to make Easter egg garland out of paint samples!


30 large paint chips in various spring colors
1/8" hole punch
Cotton household twine or embroidery thread
Clear tape


1. Make template: Draw a 2" to 3" tall egg shape on a piece of cardboard. Cut out.

2. Place template over a paint chip, centering it so white line between chip colors runs across midpoint of egg, like a belt. Trace around template and cut out. Repeat for a total of 30 eggs. Use hole punch to make two holes, centered and about 3/8" apart, ½" from top of each egg shape.

3. Cut a length of twine or thread about 5' long. Tie a knot about 6" from one end. Working on other end, wrap a 1"-long strip of tape around end, like a shoelace tip.

4. Thread taped end of twine through holes of a paper egg, from back to front, then front to back. Pull egg carefully toward knot. Thread all eggs in this way, arranging them to slightly overlap. Tie knot at end. Hang garland with tape.