I have traveled the world for my career. I've had weeks where I'm on a plane every day! In all of my travel experience, I've learned there are a few must haves to pack in your carry on luggage. With the holidays coming up, every one will be traveling a bit more! Here is what I like to bring:

You never know what kind of food will be available on the plane when you're hungry! I always make sure I pack a few snacks in my carry on that I can munch on. I love Sea Tangle Snacks, Orange, Bananas and David Kirsch Protein Bars. They all provide a little pick-me-up when you need it.

It's always chilly aboard the plane and blankets are hard to come by. I love wearing a big poncho that I can cozy up in. The softer the better. My favorites are the ponchos that my friend Paula Thomas makes for Thomas Wylde. I also created a few of my own for my Heidi Klum for New Balance collection.

Easy in and out shoes are a must – not only for security – but also when you have to go to the bathroom on the flight. You don't want to wear your socks or be bare foot!

Must be fully charged! Computers are great to get a little last minute work done or to relax and watch a movie. I'm still old fashioned so I also bring a notepad to jot down ideas and lists.

I always have a pack of gum. It really helps your ears when you are chewing it on the way down!

Eye Cream
The plane always dries out my skin. It helps to have some eye cream and moisturizer on hand if you feel like you need it.

Extra Outfit
If you are checking your luggage, always throw an extra outfit in your carry on just in case something happens to your luggage. No one wants to be left with nothing to wear!

Hand Sanitizer
Planes carry so many people every day and the circulated air breeds germs. A little hand sanitizer never hurt anyone.

Listening to music on a long flight helps pass the time. For me, when it's bumpy and I'm scared, I bump along to the beat of the turbulence and music.

Airplane travel can be a bit frustrating between delays and the huge number of people at airports. You have to learn to roll with the punches a little!