Riedel Hybrid Collection

When serving wine, not just any glass will do. Sure, you can put it in any kind of vessel, but for the most elegant and complimentary glassware, Eric Leue suggests a few of his favorite pieces.

From Spiegelau, the wine expert loves the Grand Palais Exquisit and Vino Grande lines, while his favorite Riedel collections are the Hybrid and the Festival.

Eric recommends looking for local stemware producers, too. "There are some cute little glassware makers around the country that can do some beautiful individual pieces," he says. "It all comes down to the right emotion with a nice wine."

Tips: A fat wine needs more air, so the top of the glass should be "fatter." On the other hand, a fine wine has "fine" smells, which should have less of a chance to escape. As for your pour, try putting less white wine in a glass, so it won't get warm before you drink it. Make use of the stem on a glass to keep your hand from affecting the temperature of your wine.