Heidi Klum and Linda Rothschild: Entry Closet Organization Organization expert Linda Rothschild is here to save the day! Cyn's closet is overcrowded, unorganized, and a complete mess. She can't find anything she needs without everything falling out. Leave it Linda to offer some helpful tips on what to keep, what to get rid of, what to donate, and how to make it all a bit more user friendly. Linda's company, Cross It Off Your List, helps with general organization, coordinates and manages relocations, and assists with overall lifestyle management--but here you will see her take matters into her own hands and do what needs to be done to get organized.

  1. Go through all your things and ask yourself: Do you need it? Do you want it? Where does it belong?
  2. Donate anything that you don't need or want if it is still in good condition.
  3. Stay organized as you work by making piles.
  4. Use what you have (like clear containers and shelves) before buying anything new.
  5. Consolidating objects in cases saves a lot of room.
  6. Labeling containers encourages you to remain organized.
  7. Using uniform hangers makes your closet appear less chaotic.