what to put in an easter basket

Curious what you should put in your child's Easter basket this year?

Here's a few creative ideas to get you started, courtesy of The Mom Creative, who composed a list of 101 things (yes, 101!) to put in an Easter basket. Here's the first 25.

  1. Books (A few ideas: That's Not My Bunny or Pat the Bunny for a baby; The Runaway Bunny, A Beatrix Potter Treasury, The Parable Of The Lily and The Easter Story for toddlers and young children. I just ordered these last two books for Elias's basket – which is why they aren't in the picture!)
  2. The Jesus Storybook Bible (Every child needs a copy of this Bible. If your child is older, you might get their own bible with their name on the cover.)
  3. Candy (I'm not big on candy, but a big lollipop or a chocolate bunny – definitely a fun treat. PEZ dispensers are also awesome.)
  4. Crayons
  5. Markers
  6. Coloring books (We always buy our coloring books at The Dollar Store. They have so many to choose from.)
  7. Silly putty (I used to love getting silly putty in my Easter basket!)
  8. Toothbrush (The Dollar Store has REALLY fun kids toothbrushes. Elias is obsessed with his Spiderman brush that we got there.)
  9. Kids watch (Again, The Dollar Store!)
  10. Small doll (I love Adeline's Baby Be Blessed doll)
  11. stuffed animal
  12. T-shirt (maybe one that is personalized)
  13. Puzzles (Melissa and Doug Puzzles are awesome)
  14. Barbie
  15. Superheros (Elias would love this Marvel Super Hero Mini Figure Set)
  16. Stickers
  17. Toy animals
  18. Small game
  19. Card games (Love this set of four Children's Card Games)
  20. Gift card (iTunes, Target, Borders, etc.)
  21. Play-doh
  22. Paint or Do-A-Dot paints (we love to dot paint!)
  23. Plain wood, canvases or ceramics to paint
  24. Foam stickers and shapes (You can usually find these really cheap at craft stores)
  25. Bath soap
For the entire list, visit The Mom Creative.