Heidi Klum and Michael Ostrow shopping for Antiques Shopping for antiques is all about inspiration, but it's also about making logical decisions on what pieces will work in your home. By taking proper measurements, having clear-cut placement ideas, and understanding that statement pieces can come in all different shapes and sizes, Michael Ostrow guides Heidi through some of his favorite antique shops in Los Angeles.

1. Curated stores are a great place to get ideas-but inspiration can come from anywhere, so never limit yourself to just antiques.

2. Always have an idea for where an object will go before buying it, and measure your rooms before making any final decisions.

3. Make sure you get a tear sheet for any items you are interested in. You'll need to review them later before deciding to buy.

4. Try to think about how the antiques will look in your home.

5. Statement pieces can be big or small, just make sure they stand out.