Kids Halloween Robot Costume

Costume designer Martin Izquierdo shows Heidi how to make a child's robot costume using simple items you have already around your house; boxes, aluminum foil, used bottle caps and even ping pong balls!

To begin, glue aluminum foil to your boxes (one box will be used as the body of the costume, a second box will be used for the head of the costume) using rubber cement, trying to get all the wrinkles out of the foil for a smooth look.

Then, wrap plumber's tape onto a pair of your child's jeans. These will serve as the pants for the outfit. You can apply the tape in stripes, circles or any other pattern you want. Get creative!

Then, decorate gloves and shoes using the plumbers tape or aluminum foil. After all, it's all about accessories, Heidi says.

Next, it's time to bedazzle the costume! Martin uses various items, like parts from an old toy, tips used for cake decorating, plastic bottles and a pencil sharpener to add detailing to the outfit-use items you'll throw away!

Also, know that it's ok if everything isn't silver-colored. Incorporate multiple colors to mix things up and make it stand out. Watch the clip above for all the details on how to make a robot costume. Then, check out a few other Halloween costume ideas!