We love Christmas decorations, but every year we have to deal with the same mess – where do we store the tree ornaments? And what about the outdoor lights? Organization equals less work and stress, thus we decided to do it differently this year. We found this genius system, courtesy of Just Organized, to make our life easier and to make our next Christmas more enjoyable.

Step 1: Group Items into Categories
That's the first and most important step in the organization process. Grouping them into categories will make it a lot easier to find everything you need next Christmas. Below are some suggestions.

Outdoor Decorations - outdoor trees, tree stands, spotlights, free standing decorations and wreaths
Indoor Tree Decorations - strings of lights, tree stands, tree skirts
Tree Ornaments – different kinds of individual ornaments
Holiday Cards - addresses, new cards, old cards that have sentimental value
Decorative Items – wall decoration, such as wreaths and pictures; room decoration; dishes, platters, glass ware
Linens - bed linens, pillows, throws, towels for the bath, kitchen towels, table linens
Wrapping items - paper, bows, ribbon, boxes, gift bags, tags, tape, scissors, pens
Children's books

Step 2: Obtain Appropriate Containers
Once you've picked your categories and you know how many items need to be stored, find the containers that best suit your needs. You can get them from The Container Store. Use old boxes and get boxes that are especially made for ornaments, wreathes, etc.

Step 3: Label the Containers
Labeling is essential! Picking different colors for the containers will make it easier to find everything. Label your boxes on the outside with broader categories and for the inside you can make a list of contents. This way you'll definitely find everything you need and you know what you have.

Step 4: Number the Containers
Lastly, number the boxes in the order you will bring them out next year. If you start your decoration process with room decoration, for example, name it Box#1. Children's books could be Box#2, and so forth.