This holiday season, you could take the easy way out and have the store wrap your gifts for you. But you'll see they are much more personal and cooler when you wrap them yourself!

After all, it's fun and more meaningful– as long as you are organized. Martha Stewart came up with this great gift-wrapping station that keeps all the things you need in one place. Plus, it's reusable every year. Give it a try!


1. 2-inch double straight hook to hold paper rolls at top

2. Pegboard jar for pencils and pens

3. 7-inch cable tie to secure jars

4. 1/4-by-13-inch wooden dowel to hang tissue, twine, and ribbon

5. 3-inch double-loop hook to hold dowels for ribbon and twine

6. 1 1/2-inch curved hook to fit into paper rolls at bottom

7. 1/2-inch curved hook to hold dowel for tissue

8. 1 3/4-inch pliers holder for scissors.

9. 1 1/2-inch 15-degree angled hook to hold bone folder, hole punch, tape, cards, and envelopes 10. No. 2 Bulldog clip for cards and envelopes

11. 7 1/4-by-3 1/2-inch pegboard bin to hold items

For a convenient gift-wrapping station use pegboard, which can be cut to any size. Simply attach it to a wall or the back of a door with wood screws and add clips, dowels, hangers, and trays.