Halloween is a time for costumes and ghoulish decorations, but it is also the time of lots and lots of candy! This time of year, candy is everywhere. So we turned to sweet expert-extraordinaire Dylan Lauren, owner of Dylan's Candy Bar in New York City (and daughter of fashion designer Ralph Lauren). Here, she shares the top trends in Halloween candy for the season. "Halloween is candy lover's favorite holiday," Dylan says. So what is her go-to choice for a spooky sugar fix? !" I love candy corn and mellowcreme pumpkins."

You may catch her indulging in a candy fix, but you'll also catch her working it off on Halloween. "This [year], I will be hosting a Halloween themed Flywheel class right before going out," she says of what she'll be doing on October 31. "So my costume may be a spin class instructor or something that involves a colorful wig."

Check out Dylan's inside expertise on what is trending in Halloween candy this year. You can find all of these items at Dylan's Candy Bar. We can't wait to try some of these treats!