"Tis the season to be jolly, it is the time of the year when we have plenty of office parties and work outings," says wine expert Eric Leue. "But it's important to remember that a party with co-workers is still a professional environment, so following a few simple rules can help you get through the evening with style and grace, as opposed to waking up the next morning with regrets."

Here are Eric's fun and useful do's and don'ts to navigate you safely through the evening.

The Don'ts

1. Don't think that the more you drink, the more your boss will discover your amazing talent.
As the saying goes 'vodka loosens the tongue' - watch out.

2. Stay away from the dark drinks
If it is a party where you'll be standing or walking around, I prefer to stay away from stain drinks (a.k.a. red wine, colored spirits and dark juices), says Eric. If you are clumsy like me, trust me on this one.

3. Don't mix spirits
Stick to one premium spirit of your choice. Hangovers and drunk driving aren't the goal of the evening. It's the holiday season, be merry, fun and good!

4. Don't clap after your boss's speech with a drink in your hand.
This usually ends in an expensive bill at the dry cleaners and an early end to your night.

5. Don't try to get that date with your hot co-worker sorted at the office holiday party . Someone will notice.

The Do's

1. Set yourself a limit.
Space out your drinks and watch closely how many drinks you have. When you've reached your max, stop right there.

2. Be the organized one and offer others to carpool after the event.
Responsibility combined with a healthy amount of fun won't go unnoticed.

3. Bring something unique.
Be original. How about offering to bring a special whiskey, some homemade eggnog light or mulled wine. Something besides your basic bottle of vino can go far.

4. Be a Gentlewoman / Gentleman.
Remember that co-worker you never got along with? This is the perfect timing to get to know them better. You never know, you may just grow to like them!

5. Drink up (Just not too much)
Are you all out for a dinner together? Share a bottle of wine with your colleagues; a great experience is a great conversation starter.