Here's a fun activity to do with the kids, either for Halloween, a birthday party, or any other time of year that you want to add a little color into the day! This is a great activity to set up for a child's birthday as well, as goes great with our Halloween butterfly costume. Steps courtesy of Party Face Magic.

1. High density face painting sponge
2. #2 and #4 round brushes
3. 1 flat brush
4. Wolf brand paints: white, black and neon rainbow cake
5. (Optional) Cosmetic Grade Glitter
Step 1:
Spray a light mist of water onto the rainbow cake. Firmly swipe the sponge back and forth a handful of times to soak up all the colors onto the sponge.
Hint: Do not spray too much water onto the rainbow cake or it can run when applied onto the face.
Step 2:
Sponge on the rainbow colors for each eye. Press the sponge down firmly, rather than swiping, in order to apply the colors.
Hint: Squeeze together the pink end of the sponge as needed to fit the inner curves of the eyes.
Step 3:
Grab the #4 round brush to begin the black lines. Use the finest tip of the brush for the fine lines and push down to create thickness to the lines.
Take the flat brush while the black is still wet, and with a swiping motion, push the wet black lines towards the middle of the face.
Hint: Alternate between using the #4 round brush and the flat brush as needed while the black lines are still wet to create the fan-like flares of the butterfly wings.
Step 4:
Work from one eye and then the next.
Add the body of the butterfly and the antennas, going from the bottom of the antennas to the top of the curly swirls.
Step 5:
Using the #2 round brush, add white dots to the outside, inside, and selected areas of the butterfly wings.
Add a set of triple tear drops to each corner of the eyes.
Add a few starbursts.
Step 6:
Using the #2 round brush, add final details such as black drop shadows under the star bursts and side tear drops.
Add some color to the lips and then some cosmetic grade glitter to the lips while the paint is still wet, to tie everything together!