This Halloween, make fun, edible cupcake toppers with marshmallows and liquid food color!

What you need:
*jumbo marshmallows
*rolling pin
*sugar or rice flour
*small cookie cutters
*food color
*plastic placemat, silpat or cutting board
*clean/new paintbrush
*plastic paint tray or small containers

Set out your supplies in a mess friendly zone. Sprinkle your work surface with sugar or rice flour and set out your marshmallows.

You may want to start the flattening process but this should be easy enough for a wee one to do. Place rolling pin over marshamllow and roll back and forth to flatten it out. Flip the marshmallow over after every third roll or so like you would with pie crust. Keep your work area sugared so that the marshmallow doesn't stick to the rolling pin.

Once you marshmallow is flat enough, let your child pick out a cookie cutter to cut with. Center cookie cutter over marshmallow and press. Pull excess marshmallow away and set aside for snacking.

Set out your flat, shaped mallows and prepare your "paint". You can find them cheap at Michael's and other craft stores. Add a drop of food color to each section, using more than one color to mix. Top off with water and voila! Edible paint!

Have your wee ones go to town painting their tiny marshmallow shapes. Set aside to dry, about fifteen minutes. Once dry, use cake decorating gel to add eyes and other features.

Whip up a batch of cupcakes while the marshmallows are drying. Once the cakes cool, add a dollop of whipped cream, an edible cupcake topper and a shake or two of sprinkles and have a spooky fun feast!

Recipe courtesy Scrumdilly-do!