Finding a Dress For Your Holiday Party With Heidi Klum One of the biggest challenges to holiday dressing is trying to find the right dress for specific occasions. But style expert Petra Flannery is up to the challenge, tackling the task of finding outfits for four different occasions; the office party, the cocktail party, the family party and New Year's Eve.

For the office party: Keep within your own style. Don't stray too far from what you wear to the office. You can layer a fun dress with a blazer for work, then take the blazer off for the party.

For the cocktail party: This is where you can really have fun and express your personality. Add some sparkle, a few sequins and have fun!

For the family gathering: It's an event where you don't want to show too much skin, but you want to look great. Look for simple dresses in playful patterns. You can always add a fun element, like a leopard shoe, or keep it casual but festive with a sparkly sweater.

For New Year's Eve: Go for it--have fun and be sexy. Choose something with a sleek silhouette. When dressing sexy, don't show off too much but compliment your assets. A sparkly shoe is a great addition!