Family Holiday Road Trip
Going on a vacation is fun, but tackling the task of packing for the trip can be overwhelming, especially when you are packing the whole family.

Organizational expert Linda Rothschild has some tricks up her sleeve for getting ready for a road trip with two children--and getting yourself packed successfully.

To get started, Linda shares a few of her packing tips:

-Use multiple smaller suitcases, which are easier to maneuver than one large suitcase.

-Start with a list that you prepare beforehand. Theres always a basic list of essentials you'll take with you every time you travel--chargers, a camera, an extra pair of glasses, sunglasses, things you might forget if you're packing last minute. Make a list so you remember all the basics!

-Keep shoes stored neatly by packing them in a cloth bag.

-Pack heaviest items on the bottom of the bag.

When it comes to time to pack up the car, make sure it's ready to go and in order. Here are some of Linda's tips for prepping your vehicle:

-To keep kids entertained and hunger-free, have an insulated bag in the front of the car for keeping snacks cold.

-Have a surprise bag for the kids so they can pull things out they don't expect as you make your way to your destination.

-Always have a bag for trash.