Type 'advent calendar' into any search engine and you will certainly see dozens and dozens of brilliantly pretty ideas. From envelopes to matchboxes to tiny wrapped packages, there is no shortage of ways to display a happy bit of advent for the holiday season. This calendar, courtesy of Scrumdilly-do, was inspired from using one item around the house-coffee filters!

The coffee filters are perfectly shaped for a unique spin and the natural unbleached color is pleasing to the eye. The yarn, a small ball of variegated yarn from a Goodwill outlet, was purchased for a dime. All in all, an inexpensive, adorable craft for the holiday season!

Supplies to make a coffee filter advent calendar:

*25 cone coffee filters
*white paper
*colored scrap paper
*glue stick
*scallop punch
*wooden spoon
*tiny trinkets and sweets


1. Gather up your supplies and punch out 25 scallops using a decorative punch. You can use stickers or write up the numbers using a marker.

2. Glue your numbered circles to strips of colored paper for a pop of color and glue those happy bits to your coffee filter. Punch holes through the top of each filter and fill with tiny treasures and trinkets.

3. Cut out thirteen pieces of yarn in a variety of lengths and knot all but one, twice; once at the end and again about six inches or so above it (if your yarn is skinny, you might need to double or triple knot each knotty knot). Knot the remaining bit of yarn once at the end and thread filter number 25 onto it. Double up the other 24 filters until all the yarn is cozy with the filters.

4. Wrap your wooden spoon with yarn or give it a happy coat of paint. Give your wooden spoon a hanger of yarn by looping a bit over each end and hanging it on your door or wall.

5. Tie all the happy trinket filled filters to your spoon so that you have a happy party going on and get to count down!