Christmas Tree Decorations: Budget-Friendly Options
Decorating your house for the holidays can be a fun and festive task, but the cost of ornaments, lights and purchasing a tree can add up.

Holiday expert Bob Pranga of Dr. Christmas, who has decorated the homes of many celebrities over the years, shows you how to create stunning trees without busting your wallet. "I've made a practice of showing people how they can have a touch of Hollywood in their own home," says Bob. Here are some of his inexpensive ways to decorate the tree this year.

1. Use small pieces of garland to fill holes in the tree.

2. Spray paint toys to turn them into decorations.

3. Find one large item that you can use as the focal point of the tree.

4. Empty gift boxes are a festive way to cover large sections of the tree.

5. Maximize your garland by cutting small pieces and placing strategically.

6. Use old fabrics as decorative filler.

7. Save money by using inexpensive tinsel, garland and fabric to fill up your tree.

8. Wrap ornaments around the branches for a cleaner look.

9. Loop ornaments together with wire

10. Save money on ribbon by cutting small, individual strips to fill empty spaces.

11. Twist different strands of beads together for more impact.